We bring together everything that’s required to build Auto4.0 

Innovation for Mobility
- the advent of Automotive 4.0

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With all the Smart tools you need for Auto4.0

We've carefully curated an array of Smart tools with a combination of SaaS and AI that will enable you to transform your business into Automotive 4.0


Virtual showrooms
Digital sales processes
Integrated financing
e-Commerce capabilities

Auto4.0SC Optima

Real-time tracking
Optimization of global supply chains
Advanced forecasting


Cloud-based parts design and simulation tools
Integrated modules for EVs Autonomous vehicle


Connected remote diagnostics
Over-the-air (OTA) updates  Advanced telematics


Fleet management with health, location, and driver behaviour tracking
Automated maintenance


Big data analytics with vehicle insights
Dashboards for sales, and customer data


Real-time inventory management
Automated crossreference inventory insights


Energy management for EV charging stations
Grid demands analytics and algorithms

How does it work? Use our interactive DEMO to learn more:

Autotek’s powerful and easy to use Smart AI EPC

Our Smart AI Electronics Product Catalog is the perfect solution for quickly and accurately identifying the parts needed for a maintenance job. Simply enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), our AI will quickly access its extensive library of information and return the exact part numbers and descriptions needed to complete the job. With our Smart AI EPC, you can be sure you are always getting the right part, every time.

More Features

How it works


Enter VIN and find your Vehicle

AI enbaled - VIN Decoder will identify your vehicle in 1.82s


Identify your part using AI

Explore over 20M+ data from OEM Electronic Parts Catalog


Use e-Procure to ship 'n' fix

Compare OE crossreferences and make informed decision

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Custom build your Auto 4.0 Solutions with our industryExperts

Our Industry 4.0 Experts will curate and custom build Enterprise Solutions that will enable corporate clients to easily scale and transform their MRO to Automotive 4.0 enabled

Easy Integration with SAP - HANA S4
Intelligent offline app capabilities
Customise to Enterprise needs

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