With all the features you need to enable Auto4.0

We've carefully curated an array of Smart tools with a combination of SaaS and AI that will enable you to transform your business into Automotive 4.0


Virtual showrooms
Digital sales processes
Integrated financing
e-Commerce capabilities

Auto4.0SC Optima

Real-time tracking
Optimization of global supply chains
Advanced forecasting


Fleet management with health, location, and driver behaviour tracking
Automated maintenance


Connected remote diagnostics
Over-the-air (OTA) updates  Advanced telematics


Cloud-based parts design and simulation tools
Integrated modules for EVs Autonomous vehicle


Big data analytics with vehicle insights
Dashboards for sales, and customer data


Real-time inventory management
Automated crossreference inventory insights


Energy management for EV charging stations
Grid demands analytics and algorithms

Pricing built for businesses
of all sizes

Companies within the Automotive Industry's SME segment can leverage our ready-to-use SaaS solutions, propelling them ahead in the Auto 4.0 era.

Frequently asked questions

What is Autotek.io?

Autotek.io is a leading devops company that specializes in developing digital industry capabilities tailored for the automotive sector. We bridge the gap between the automotive industry's requirements and digital innovations.

What is Auto 4.0?

Auto 4.0, or Automotive 4.0, is our interpretation of Industry 4.0 but tailored specifically for the automotive domain. It represents the next phase of digitization in the automotive sector, emphasizing smart manufacturing, interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data.

How is Auto 4.0 different from Industry 4.0?

While Industry 4.0 focuses on digital transformation across various sectors, Auto 4.0 narrows this perspective to address unique challenges and opportunities present in the automotive domain. Auto 4.0 offers specific solutions catering to the nuances of the automotive industry.

Can you detail the eight major solutions provided by Autotek.io?

Certainly! Autotek.io provides eight distinct solutions, each targeting a specific domain within the automotive industry. While we continuously update and refine our solutions, you can always find detailed information on each one by visiting our solutions page.

I work for a large corporation with a Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) division. How can Autotek.io assist us?

Autotek.io specializes in providing enterprise solutions that cater to large corporations with MRO divisions. Our solutions streamline operations, introduce automation, enhance predictive maintenance, and much more. We ensure that our services optimize and enhance the efficiency of MRO processes.

What makes Autotek.io stand out in the automotive industry?

Autotek.io combines deep knowledge of the automotive industry with cutting-edge technological advancements. Our tailored solutions, emphasis on Auto 4.0, and ability to integrate with major platforms make us a preferred partner for many in the automotive sector.

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